Barrel + Ink

Jet Set Jungle is a newly released bottle of wine as collaboration with the company Barrel + Ink, which pairs designers and winemakers together to create limited edition works of art.  I was paired with winemaker Pax Mahle for a bold and wild red wine unlike anything I'd ever had in wine before!

This wine feels like an abundant harvest, full of unique and rich possibilities. In that way, I designed my label to be a surprise-- part leopard, part tiger, and full of energy bursting out of the bottle!

Jet Set Jungle is described by Barrel + Ink as follows:

This unruly red truly captures Pax’s experimental spirit. Jet Set Jungle is crazy aromatic and smells of blackberries, blueberries, pomegranate, and lingonberries. Despite the juicy, fruit-filled, and candied nose, the palate is crisply acidic, and it’s a red that’s intended to be served lightly chilled. Illustrator Meg Hunt captured the verve of this wine with her untamed, barbarous representation of ‘wildness bottled.' 

More details, photos, and bottles are on sale via Barrel + Ink's website!